Mako Medical Launches Nutritional DNA Test

MakoDNA is a genetic test with an individualized meal plan that is specific to a person and their body's nutritional needs.

Mako Medical

RALEIGH, NC โ€” Chad Price, the CEO of Mako Medical, announced this week that Mako Medical Laboratories is launching a new DNA test focused on Nutrition.

โ€œThis is a first step in helping people understand exactly what foods they should eat so they can optimize health and performance,โ€ said Price. โ€œWe spend so much time and money on our health without really knowing.โ€ 

The energy drink market has exploded over the last 10 years but so little has changed with food and nutrition. Diet plans like South Beach, Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers and others have exploded with popularity but knowing which one is best is still a challenge. Itโ€™s even worse if you are an athlete, in the military, or seeking to optimize elite performance.

MakoDNA is a genetic test with an individualized meal plan that is specific to you and the nutritional needs your body has.

โ€œThis new test finally unlocks the code to understanding how to optimize nutrition and your specific needs,โ€ said John Nguyen, President of MakoDNA.  

There is a growing demand for nutrition, whether that is an increased focus on natural/organic food, medical conditions such as obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure or the desire for physical/mental performance improvements. Tremendous scientific progress in genetics and nutrition has brought deep understanding about how the genetic structure of each individual alters his or her own nutritional requirements. This allows not only for the optimization of human performance (in areas such as speed, muscular strength, endurance, and mental focus) through nutrition but also to identify the genetically related potential of an individual for physical performance. โ€œThis can be used to identify untapped potential between performance and genetic potential and could possibly be used as a factor to compare candidates for selection,โ€ said Price.

The process is simple. MakoDNA ships a kit to your home. A swab is used to collect saliva. The sample is shipped back to MAKO, where the DNA is analyzed. The identified genetic variations are fed into the algorithm-generating pipeline. A nutrigenetic report becomes available online (patient/consumer portal), which offers the newly defined nutritional targets. The same data is also fed to the meal plan generator. At the end of this process, the client is offered a nutrigenetic report and a customizable meal plan.

MAKO DNA will be sold online through, in pharmacies across the country, gyms and workout facilities, colleges and universities and local medical providers. The MAKO DNA test is available now.

Mako Medical is known for its extensive support of nonprofits, hiring military veterans, and supporting Christian missionaries around the world. Mako Medical has won extensive awards for innovation and growth.

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