Packaged Facts: Edible Gardens the Growing Pride of American Suburbia

Packaged Facts estimates that 60 million Americans grow edibles during the year.

ROCKVILLE, Md., July 26, 2016 (PRNewswire) — Since the post-World War II economic expansion some 70 years ago, the suburbs have become a decidedly distinctive slice of Americana. The end of the war brought not only an influx of veterans and their families to the rapidly developing suburbs, but also an almost universal pride and competitiveness to have the "greenest lawn on the block." West Coast water shortages, economic downturn, and even a depressed housing market haven't been enough to deter homeowners from keeping their lawns and gardens well manicured.

According to Lawn and Garden Supplies in the U.S., 10th Edition, a report by market research firm Packaged Facts, people garden outdoors for various reasons ranging from the chance to beautify one's home to socializing with others. However increasingly, the most popular reason for outdoor gardening is to grow one's own fruits and vegetables.  

Packaged Facts estimates that 60 million Americans grow edibles during the year. Some 44% of all outdoor gardeners in Packaged Facts survey said enjoying the taste of garden-fresh vegetables/fruit was their reason for gardening. A third said benefiting from the nutrition of garden-fresh vegetables/fruit, while 27% mentioned saving on buying vegetables/fruit.  Roughly 20% want to have some control over their food supply especially due to concerns over genetically modified crops. Gardens also appeal to consumers since they're less impactful on the environment, requiring less water, fertilizers and pesticides.

Within the lawn and garden supplies market, growth media—i.e., the biological cultures in which plants grow including various types of soil—have benefitted significantly from the boom in gardening both as a hobby and as a way to grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Growth media products are also generally natural or organic which plays to the growing consumer trend of avoiding synthetic chemicals. 

Benefitting too are natural and organic lawn and garden supplies even though the segment still remains a niche within the larger market. Packaged Facts found that the majority of natural and organic sales came from fertilizers and growth media products, with faster growth coming from pesticides, especially those related to edible gardening. Natural and organic product sales growth has been partly driven by increased interest in edible gardening particularly by younger consumers who are most concerned over the health and safety of chemical products, notes David Sprinkle, research director, Packaged Facts.

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