Vertical Cartoner

The model VXL is a fully automatic, all-servo vertical top-lead cartoner that features multiple product handling areas.

PMI Cartoning showcases its unique dual-infeed Vertical Cartoner integrated with an intelliFEED pouch handling system. The model VXL is a fully automatic, all-servo vertical top-lead cartoner that features multiple product handling areas. This particular setup is for a mac-n-cheese application where the carton is filled with pasta and a cheese sauce pouch. PMI integrated an intelliFEED pouch handling system to cingulate and orientate the cheese pouches from a bulk hopper. Once delivered to the VXL, the pouches are then loaded into a PMI tilt-tray system that ultimately delivers them into the carton. The dry pasta is then loaded into the carton via a PMI dual-flavor volumetric filler. To ensure efficient product loading, an oval spout system is synchronized with carton pockets. While this is a multi-fill system with unique capabilities, speeds can reach up to 200 cartons/min. 

The PMI integrated system assures packaging quality. An open flap detection and reject station sa well as a no carton/ no product fill control are standard features. A Nordson Problue hot melt system and sift-resistant, reverse fold carton-sealing feature provide additional seal integrity assurance. As with all PMI machines, the VXL is built to last, adheres to Category 3 Safety compliance and is available in wash down construction with welded stainless steel base frame.

PMI Cartoning

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