Toyota Company Won't Reopen Factories; Space Station Blows Up; Ford Cuts Lightning Production | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 154

Also on the podcast, shattered helmet "did its job," MIT's hydrogen motorcycle, Apple car delayed again, billionaire funds new EV startup and a popcorn-based curriculum gains steam.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

MIT Tests Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle - @3:04

The Electric Vehicle Team at MIT thinks hydrogen-powered vehicles could be a cleaner alternative.

Helmet Manufacturer: Mahomes' Shattered Lid in Playoff Game 'Did its Job' - @15:58

Many panicked, gasped or at least looked it up later on social media after Chief's quarterback Patrick Mahomes shattered his helmet during a AFC wild-card game against the Miami Dolphins.

Ford Shifts Workers, Cuts F-150 Lightning Production - @28:03

Last week, Ford announced that it is scaling back production for the F-150 Lightning full-size electric pickup truck.

Space Station Blows Up Real Good - @41:44

Sierra Space is building a modular space station and a full-scale version just passed a significant testing milestone.

Japanese Carmaker That Faked Safety Tests Sees Long Wait to Reopen Factories - @51:55

The Daihatsu Motor Co. skipped mandatory safety tests. They copied data from testing on one side of cars to the other, and used timers to ensure airbags went off in tests.

In Case You Missed It

Apple Car Delayed Again - @1:04:27

The company's self-driving ambitions have been scaled back, too.

Popcorn-Based Curriculum - @1:11:56

The snack could soon become standard in science classrooms across the country.

Brazilian Billionaire Sells Tech Company to Fund EV Startup - @1:16:43

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

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