Chicken Producers Pay Millions More for Price-Fixing

Years-long litigation continues to impact meat processors.

Two of the nation’s largest chicken producers are still embroiled in the consequences of years-long allegations of price-fixing.

This week, Tyson and Pilgrim’s Pride revealed they’d settled litigation with a group of chicken buyers who say they inflated prices.

This is another in a series of chicken industry suits where these producers, and others, have been accused of bid-fixing and limiting supplies to boost prices.

Pilgrim’s Pride will pay $75 million, the largest settlement in more than four years. Tyson will pay an undisclosed amount.

The companies do not admit liability with the agreement, and it doesn’t satisfy other pending litigation.

Claims against other large producers, including Perdue and Sanderson Farms, have not yet been satisfied.

According to Reuters, a similar suit has been filed against Tyson and other producers for conspiring to inflate pork prices.

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