This new Immersion Spiral Freezer combines the best of two cryogenic technologies. Immersion in liquid nitrogen (at minus 320 oF) is the fastest way to crust-freeze food, while a spiral stage can freeze with a high level of consistency and efficiency in a limited floor space.

The hygienically designed Immersion Spiral Freezer is a two-stage cryogenic freezer with a space-saving design that can process more than 20,000 lbs. per hour. The first stage applies an instant crust freeze with liquid nitrogen to maximize yield and protect surface integrity. The cold gases from the first stage travel into the second stage to maximize the use of BTUs for low operating cost

Key uses include:

Meat and poultry: A range of marinated, cooked or raw, poultry, red meat and pork products that require a solid freeze, including diced meats, fillets and fajita strips, bone-in and boneless chicken and turkey breasts, drumsticks and wings.

Glazed and marinated products: Unlike conventional freezers, the immersion freezer works extremely well with wet, sticky, glazed or injected and marinated products. The bath of liquid nitrogen locks glaze onto the food product to maximize yield.

Seafood: Ideal for freezing scallops, shrimp, seafood fillets and shelled clams at high volume.

The liquid immersion and spiral freezer stages can be custom configured to meet specific requirements. The spiral stage ranges from compact to high-production 20’ x 20’ square models.

Linde LLC