This company offers an all hydraulic, microprocessor controller, multi-outlet forming machine that is easy to maneuver plant wide. Product is built touch without the cumbersome weight and size of similar machines. Reliable and efficient, the product combines accurate weight control and quick changeovers with mobility. A vane pump feed system uses a rotating spiral to gently move product to the rotor, eliminating overworking, bridging and backflow. The pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity and can portion up to 11, 700 patties per hour. Processors can portion beef, pork, poultry, fish, veal, lamb, cheese and even vegetables. The mold plates can be changed quickly, in under 5 minutes time. Product can be sanitized minutes after production is completed. The portable design allows the machine to be transported easily to a wash-down area. Intelligent engineering enables larger parts to stay on the machine and easily swing out of the way for speedy clean up. Product features include:

  • Discharge conveyors
  • Tray conveyors
  • Shuttle conveyors with a retract stroke range of 6-48 inches
  • Screen indexing conveyors
  • Papering and stack conveyors
  • Custom conveyors for special customer application
  • All conveyors can be fitted with hydraulic of VFD.
  • Electric wash-down drive