New Ethernet driver in Kepware Technologies KEPServerEX version 5.15, an OPC communications platform that allows PC software to access controller data/variables with a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. Product provides industry-leading communication and software solutions throughout the automation industry. Each controller embeds both EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT open networks, allowing endorsed partners like Kepware Technologies to create drivers using standard protocol instructions. In this way, communication is clean and optimized, guaranteeing best performance. Product features include:

• Supports 256 channels and 1024 devices per channel

• Supports routing for communications with remote devices over various automation networks. Features a CIP-configurable packet size from 500 bytes to 1996 bytes per packet

• Supports read blocking and multi-servicing of writes to arrays to optimize performance when reading and writing to multiple items within an array

• Supports Client Arrays for referencing contiguous array elements by the client

• Supports symbolic addressing of basic data types and structures

• Supports Automatic Tag Generation, featuring direct interrogation of the controller and the ability to map structured data on the controllers into multi-level tag groups within KEPServerEX

• Supports XML persistence

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