Vectra liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors have technological advancements such as a patented cone design and rotor configuration. Product uses pump advantages within a water-saving, self-contained system. Their capacity range is 200-1300 CFM (340-2210 m3/h). This product is designed for use in clean applications,  such as dairy. Product has the benefits of a liquid ring vacuum pump without the problem of providing constant seal liquid. 

Other product features include:

• The use of NASH Vectra GL and XL pumps

• The recovery of the system’s water vapor, so a minimal amount of seal water replenishment is needed

• No external cooling is needed

• Drop in place ease of use

• Easy integration into your clean-in-place system

Product includes the liquid ring vacuum pump, motor, coupling drive, base, separator/storage tank, air-cooled heat exchanger, shell and tube after condenser, condensate collector tank, inlet spray nozzles and accessories. Optional items include a control panel and a variable frequency drive. Product is great for those who have a limited water supply or want to reduce water consumption, want a drop-in system, or want a package that can move around with you. 

NASH XT Systems