iPOS8010 CAT intelligent drive is fully digital with an embedded motion controller. Product is for use with brushless, DC brush, step and linear motors. Features include:

  • Sinusoidal (FOC) or trapezoidal (Hall-based) control of brushless motors
  • Open-loop or closed-loop control of 2-phase and 3-phase steppers
  • Position, speed and torque control
  • Motion modes: position and speed profiles; PVT & PT interpolated, electronic gearing and cam, cyclic synchronous position, speed and torque
  • Motion programming via TML (Technosoft Motion Language)
  • Independent execution of complex motion functions stored in the drive memory
  • Communication:
  • RS-232, up to 115200 baud rate, for setup
  • EtherCAT with CoE protocol

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