3200 Precision Move Conveyor Platform with cleanroom certification is ideal for a variety of medium to large part transfers, part accumulation, precision part movement, automated and manual assembly applications. Product gives a new level of the functionality and capability to specific applications like machine integration, robotic pick-n-place, precision indexing, accurate part positioning, timed conveying, vision inspection and sheet or wide part handling. Product’s low profile allows it to fit in extremely tight places, giving customers flexibility to adjust to changing cleanroom applications. Conveyor becomes an integral component of any larger cleanroom processing or manufacturing system as it comes in any length up to 50 feet. Features include:

  • Flat belt end drive, cleated belt end drive
  • 100 Indexes per minute rated
  • Conveyor mechanical accuracy of +/- .01”
  • Mounting System for direct mounts or pallet fixtures
  • Widths up to 18”
  • Lengths up to 50’
  • Loads up to 750 pounds

Dorner Mfg. Corp.,