The Sonic Horn is an acoustic cleaner that produces a low-frequency, high-pressure sound wave that is magnified as it is emitted through the cleaner’s bell. The pressure causes dry particulate deposits to resonate and become fluidized, allowing them to be removed by constant gas flow or gravity. Product eatures include:

  • Prevents dry particulate build-up to increase system efficiency and life
  • Reduces system downtime
  • Effective around pipes and structural obstacles; Sonic energy de-bonds particulate over a 360-degree sweep, cleaning inaccessible parts
  • Does not create structural fatigue or damage
  • Complies with OSHA dB regulations for vessel interiors
  • Improves effectiveness and prolongs life of catalyst
  • Improves the performance and prolongs the life of equipment
  • Aids compliance with emissions regulations
  • Lowers operating costs and cost of ownership

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