Maximum yield, accuracy and efficiency can be achieved with PowerMax® Slicing Systems from Formax®. The system is comprised of five technologies that each have signature designs and functions, yet combine for optimal slice quality and operational efficiency, safety and profitability. These technologies include:

  • PowerMax Independent Drive System: This system delivers each log to the blade separately and is able to adjust to small variations within each log.
  • PowerScanner™: This scanner uses proactive weighing and scanning to create an accurate 3D image of naturally and irregularly shaped products before they enter the slicer.
  • PowerMax Safety Laser Scanner: Processors can improve safety and hygiene with this scanner, which safely protects the slicer while minimizing the number of physical guards to provide an open machine design.
  • PowerMax Blade Technology: This technology is designed for maximum yield with excellent slice quality.
  • Multitec™ Autoloading System: Minimize labor, increase line throughput and optimize line efficiency with this technology.

Provisur Technologies,