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The Vantage® LED High Bay exceeds the rigorous demands of food-processing plants and related areas, thanks to its strategic sloped shape and ultra-sleek corrosion-resistant finish that repel water...

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P5-A Automatic Sealing Machine For Food Packaging

Suitable for various food sectors, the machine is ideal for streamlined production of vacuum-gas flushed MAP containers, vacuum skin packs and seal-only trays.


Package Leak Detector And Seal Testing Unit

The FlexPak Package Leak Detector and Seal Testing unit is used by many industries, such as in the manufacture of packaging materials and end-user packagers of dairy, meat, seafood, confectionery, snacks, pet food, cereals, baked goods, coffee and other items where package seal, seam or closure integrity is critical.

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Automatic Tray Former For Triangular Corner Post Trays

Eagle Packaging Machinery has developed a new solution, the VassoyoAir Triangular Corner Post automatic tray former, geared towards addressing secondary packaging needs for food products in wholesale club retail environments.


High-Speed Shrink Sleeve/Neck Banding System

PDC International Corp. has re-introduced a shrink sleeve applicator/bander that operates at up to 400 cpm, and has proven ideal for a broad range of applications, including bottled and jarred foods.


Cryoline CWI Cryowave Impingement Freezer

The new CRYOLINE CWI CRYOWAVE impingement freezer combines the benefits of dual-action CRYOWAVE product agitation with impingement cryogenic gas flow into a single, high-capacity solution, ideal for crusting or individually quick freezing sliced and diced chicken, chicken wings, meatballs, sausages and pizza toppings.

LISTED UNDER: Refrigeration & Chilling

Super Patty Machine

The Hollymatic Super Patty Machine features a state-of-the-art compact design, industry-proven reliability and low operational cost.

LISTED UNDER: Size Reduction

Performer Dock Seal

Rite-Hite’s new Performer Dock Seal uses advanced, durable materials with the latest in dock seal design to effectively seal gaps at loading dock doors and reduce trailer-related wear and tear.

LISTED UNDER: Loading Dock

TKU 2040 Indexing Chain Conveyor

The TKU 2040 is specially designed for indexing applications and boasts twin roller chains with the option of workpiece profile pallets or v-shaped fixtures in brass or polyoxymethylene (POM) to hold the products being conveyed.


Bacteria-Resistant Highbay Lighting For The Food Processing Industry

CPS LED Lighting announces the official launch of its innovative new Pres-sure Light LED High Bay Lighting Series featuring NSF certification for food processing applications.


C31 StandardLine Checkweighing System

The new C31 StandardLine Checkweighing System delivers throughput of up to 200 packages per minute, a weighing range of 20g to 6kg and extremely accurate weighing.

LISTED UNDER: Instrumentation & Weighing

SmartFlex Helix Conveyors

The tight turns and small footprint of the SmartFlex Helix Conveyors provide facilities with greater flexibility in layout for applications such as accumulation, buffering, cooling product and more.


EZ Lift 200 Ergonomic Stand

The Fusion Tech EZ Lift 200 Ergonomic Stand is the premium choice for positioning your employees at the correct height to perform their work without risk of injury.


Multi-Piston Depositor

The Hinds-Bock model 4P-16 filling machine is designed to take up less space than conventional filling machines in crowded food production plants.

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112-Watt Wash Down LED Light

This CSA-rated unit contains impact- and shock-resistant, no-glass polycarbonate LED bulbs, and sealed and corrosion-resistant aluminum hardware, providing reliable, stable lighting under even the harshest of conditions in food processing and preparation applications.


LXE300 Linear Light Series

Smart Vision Lights, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, introduces its most advanced and brightest linear light yet, the LXE300.



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