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Model 600 Robotic Packer for Flexible Packages

The Model 600 offers maximum flexibility to run multiple package styles with a variety of infeed options, making this machine a good choice for packagers looking to upgrade from hand packing or moving from another package style.

LISTED UNDER: Frozen Food/Ready Meals | Ingredients | Confectionary

Food Waste Software

Normandy 2.0: Hello automation. Goodbye manual food waste tracking. This food waste software is designed to simplify your green waste management plan.

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Cereals/Grains | Software

Air Scrubber Technology

The System REITHER™ air scrubber is sized for 165,000 acfm to control fine dust and odorous sulfur-based gases from three corn fiber dryers and one corn fiber cooler from wet mill corn processing. 

LISTED UNDER: Sanitation | Food Defense | Cereals/Grains

Linear Scale

This heavy duty scale system weighs free-flowing and semi-free flowing products including sugar, salt, ground meal, seeds, grains, rice and more.

LISTED UNDER: Ingredients | Cereals/Grains | Instrumentation & Weighing

Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The wrapper produces packages for a wide range of applications such as bakery, confectionery, frozen foods, snack bars, school lunches and sandwiches.

LISTED UNDER: Desserts | Frozen Food/Ready Meals | Confectionary

Fermentation-Based Sweetener

With the global consumption of Stevia as a sweetener rapidly growing, the introduction of steviol glycosides produced through fermentation will provide food and beverage companies a way to reduce calories in their products.

LISTED UNDER: Ingredients | Dairy | Confectionary

Packaging Film

Company showcases special packaging film that replaces heavy cans, bottles, jars, trays and select flexible packaging. The product is stackable, flexible and reclosable.

LISTED UNDER: Meat & Poultry | Dairy | Bakery

Rotary Valve

New rotary valve is engineered for heavy duty industrial service and high volumetric efficiency at up to 1.0 bar, or 15 PSI, pressure differential.

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Cereals/Grains | Pumps & Valves

‘Big Data’ Revolution Raises Security Questions for Farmers

Large seed companies are harnessing "big data" to provide farmers with guidance on how to get the most from their fields, but some farmers are concerned this information could be hacked or exploited by corporations or government agencies.

LISTED UNDER: Agriculture | Cereals/Grains | Software

Flax Protein Powder

LinPro™ 140 is a natural, allergen-free ingredient for use in a wide range of applications, including bars, clusters, cereals and beverages.

LISTED UNDER: Ingredients | Bakery | Beverage

Whole-Grain Satiety Ingredient

Company's whole grain-based WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient is designed to suppress hunger.

LISTED UNDER: Desserts | Ingredients | Bakery

December Featured Products: Dairy and Grain Equipment

Each month, Food Manufacturing highlights products in a featured category. This month, we are spotlighting dairy and grain equipment.

LISTED UNDER: Dairy | Agriculture | Bakery

Post-Baking Dryers

Macrowave™  Post-Baking Dryers are custom engineered for cookie, cracker and snack-food production to increase oven band speed by eliminating the final drying requirement from the last third of an oven line.

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Cereals/Grains | Food Processing Equipment

Positive Displacement Pump

The ZP1+ positive displacement pump is designed for the sanitary and industrial pump market.

LISTED UNDER: Meat & Poultry | Dairy | Bakery

Diving and Traveling Spout Bridge

The Servo diving and traveling spout bridge moves the filling spouts with the continuously moving trays during the filler cycle.

LISTED UNDER: Frozen Food/Ready Meals | Cereals/Grains | Pasta


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