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12-Piston Orbital Depositor

Designed to handle continuously moving pans at high rates of speed, it runs faster and quieter than conventional depositors and does not require compressed air for power.


Model 300 Case Erector

A-B-C debuted the Model 300 case erector for 15-25 cpm production lines — a midrange machine that offers key production features of A-B-C’s higher speed Model 330 erector to deliver 24/7 reliable operation in a streamlined machine designed to ensure accelerated ROI.

LISTED UNDER: Desserts | Dairy | Bakery

700 Series Robotic Palletizers

A-B-C’s 700 series robotic palletizers are designed to deliver the flexibility of manual palletizing with reduced costs and liability as these machines automatically accumulate and stack cases, trays, bags or shrink-wrapped multipacks in multiple configurations and pallet loads.

LISTED UNDER: Desserts | Frozen Food/Ready Meals | Ingredients

Snack Packer

Snack manufacturers looking to automate their hand packing lines have a simple, cost-effective and reliable alternative with A-B-C’s Model 19 packer.

LISTED UNDER: Desserts | Bakery | Snacks

Muffin, Cake Batter Depositors

These bulk hoppers will accept multiple batches of batter from the largest mixers and feed the batter to the hopper of the depositor automatically.  


Food Waste Software

Normandy 2.0: Hello automation. Goodbye manual food waste tracking. This food waste software is designed to simplify your green waste management plan.

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Cereals/Grains | Software

Pinch-Bottom Bag For Powdered, Granulated Products

The Pinch-Pro large-format industrial bag supports many powdered and granulated product applications, including pet food, sugar, bakery ingredients and specialty chemicals.

LISTED UNDER: Ingredients | Bakery | Pet Food


The Sprint 2 Dicer produces a full complement of dices, slices, strips and granulations. It delivers cutting solutions across food processing industries including vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, candy, bakery and snack products.

LISTED UNDER: Fish & Seafood | Desserts | Fruit

Muffin Batter Depositors

Stand-alone muffin batter depositing machines and industrial muffin systems are the most widely used depositors in the food industry. 

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Material Handling | Mixers & Blenders

Active Barrier Films

Freshness Plus is an active barrier film that protects packaged baked goods from oxygen exposure while preserving flavor, aroma and appearance.

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Packaging

Robotic Water-Jet Cutting System

Water-jet cutting technology is very flexible and can be easily upgraded or expanded without a redesign of the entire line. 

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Robotics/Automation

Wash-Down Conveyors

These conveyors are ideal for the baking and food processing industry and the high level of sanitation it requires. Conveyors are designed for fast and effective cleaning.

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Conveying

PRODUCT VIDEO: Bakery Depositor

The depositor is perfect for depositing custards, jams, batter and just about any flowable product directly from a mixing bowl or bucket. 

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Pumps & Valves | Robotics/Automation

Sweets and Savory Solutions Guide Helps Food Manufacturers Ensure Accuracy and Safety of 'Convenience Foods'

The new METTLER TOLEDO sweets and savory guide will provide best-practice suggestions to enhance testing accuracy and speed. In turn, process improvements can help manufacturers keep customer happy and deliver the kind of enhanced economics that protect profit margins.

LISTED UNDER: Confectionary | Bakery

Muffin Batter Depositors

Versatile tabletop depositors are ideal for high volume bakers or plants with varieties of muffins, cupcakes, cakes or specialty loaf cakes.

LISTED UNDER: Bakery | Robotics/Automation


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