PDC International Corp. has re-introduced a shrink sleeve applicator/ bander that operates at up to 400 cpm, and has proven ideal for a broad range of applications, including bottled and jarred foods, and products with irregular shapes or inconsistent sizes.

The new 75C-E Shrinksealer has two proprietary technology advantages that are exclusive to PDC. The first is The IndexingTooling technology, a film management system which precisely handles sleeving material through feeding, cutting and application with extraordinary consistency. The  second is a cutting blade assembly that is a unique — and uniquely long-lived — alternative to the spinning knife configurations that are standard in the packaging industry.

PDC’s patented blade assembly is engineered for precision cutting and perforating. It delivers precise, clean cuts for months, even under continuous high-speed conditions. Blades can be re-sharpened repeatedly, and many are double-edged. Double-edged blades are reversible, so one set provides extraordinary service life. PDC’s proprietary blade design translates directly into exceptional packaging appearance, less machine downtime and substantially longer intervals between blade replacements.  PDC blades last months and not days.

This Shrink Sealer is compatible with standard and sustainable films, including PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA, including thin gauge (1.25 mil/30 micron) material. The system applies banding material .375 to 3.0” in diameter and .625 to 4” high for tamper evident banding and shrink labeling. 

The 75C-E is a robust shrink sealer built to UL standards and engineered for continuous operation. Like other systems in PDC’s product portfolio, it is manufactured in the United States and uses readily available, off-the-shelf components to minimize Total Cost of Ownership and prevent unscheduled downtime.  

The PDC Model 75C-E Shrink bander is high-volume shrink sleeve technology that is supplied with tooling tailored to the product mix. PDC can also supply conveyors, inspection systems, Zero-Downtime roll unwinds and shrink tunnels (steam, hot air or infrared.). Vertical and Horizontal perforators can be added for tamper evidence.

PDC International Corp.