CANTON, Mass. (PRNewswire) — To delve deeper into turkey day trends, Baskin-Robbins commissioned a nationally-representative, independent survey of 1,005 Americans. The survey revealed that six in 10 Americans (59%) usually bring dessert to their Thanksgiving meal when dining as guests.

Notable findings from the Baskin-Robbins turkey day survey include:

Talk Turkey to Me:

  • Roasted or Fried? Seventy-three percent (73%) of Americans who eat Thanksgiving turkey prefer their turkey to be roasted over deep-fried (13%) or smoked (8%).
  • Most popular part of the bird?  Fifty-two percent (52%) chose breast meat, followed distantly by the thigh and leg (each 14%), among other popular choices.

Super Side Dishes:

  • Applying a unique spin to a Thanksgiving recipe is mostly done with side dishes (35%), followed closely by desserts (29%).
  • Indeed, when asked to select the most important part of the Thanksgiving meal, aside from the turkey, more than a quarter (28%) chose dessert – though side dishes ranked first, selected by 57% of Americans. 
  • Given a list of popular Thanksgiving side dishes, stuffing emerges as the favorite (33%), followed by mashed potatoes (26%), sweet potatoes (11%), and cranberry sauce (9%), among others.

Food, Friends or Football?

  • What's the best part of the Thanksgiving meal?  More than eight in 10 (82%) cite enjoying it with friends and family, while 9% of Americans say it's the leftovers they most relish!
  • Along these lines, spending time with loved ones is Americans' favorite Thanksgiving Day activity (62%), besides eating.  Watching football (19%) and parades (7%) follow.

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