Security Breach: 'Nobody Should Get Ransomwared'

The tools and tactics are here - why the investment has to follow.

As we’ve discussed numerous times on Security Breach, terms like change, evolution and constant are more than just buzz terms – they’re a simple reality of working in the industrial OT space.

Whether we’re discussing threat actors from Stuxnet to Lockbit, tactics from social engineering to double-extortion ransomware, or vulnerability sources ranging from weak passwords to embedded secure-by design concerns, the ever-expanding attack surface is a constant reminder of change and the evolving nature of threats. 

In this episode we talk to Michael Haase, and draw on his extensive background and personal experiences as we discuss:

  • The on-going balancing act between cost and security priorities.
  • Why he considers the need for phishing training, "a massive failure on the part of the technical community."
  • How AI is laying the groundwork for attacks that haven't happened yet.
  • Why the growing complexity of hackers is actually a positive indicator.
  • Automation is the inflection point for cybersecurity - for both sides.
  • The shift from worrying about the ability to detect new attacks to focusing on the vulnerabilities being exploited.
  • The distinction between learning what needs to be done and actually taking action.

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