ZF Energy Development

ZF Energy Development

57 West Ave.
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
Phone: (610) 482-4337
About the Company

ZF Energy Development (ZFED) is a best-in-class industrial energy utility that reduces costs and improves reliability for industrial and commercial organizations. Our team has a passion for energy management and utility cost reduction, and our customers know us for our ground-breaking innovations in energy management. Our goal is to help our customers drive their energy costs toward net zero, and we approach this through our unique energy management model in two ways:

We recommend and assist in the implementation of continuous industrial process improvements to increase energy productivity and efficiency

We design, implement, and operate one-of-a-kind networked on-site Generating Assets (onsite power plants) that actively leverage markets to achieve extraordinarily low energy costs while delivering five sigma or better uptime.

ZF Energy Developmentā€™s portfolio includes projects in the health, food production, educational, aviation, chemical, and other commercial manufacturing industries.