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Limonest, France
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About the Company

Ortems is the expert in collaborative manufacturing planning and production scheduling software solutions, with more than 16,000 major group and SME users in 63 countries.
The Agile Manufacturing line offers a pyramid of comprehensive planning software that integrates into ERP, MES, and LIMS solutions. Ortems planning and scheduling software solutions dedicated to Agro-Food Industries help synchronize production plans so inventory coverage can be aligned with orders and forecasts.
Ortems solutions allow to:

• Optimize production runs and improve production/packaging synchronization.
• Optimize equipment, labor, and raw materials based on finite capacity.
• Reduce installation and cleaning time thanks to an optimal scheduling of batches.
• Synchronize production and packaging shop.
• Optimize production runs to minimize changeover times and losses.

• Define strict constraints to optimize sequencing.
• Optimize your conditioning and maintenance scheduling to limit disruptions

Ortems brings Agile Manufacturing solutions to companies throughout the world, among them Agro-food companies like: Altho, Bynsa, Colin Ingredients, Courvoisier, Eckes Granini, Haagen Dazs, Heineken, Monin, Old el Paso, Palm Breweries, PLB International, Raimbek Bottlers, Routin, Wolfberger...