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About the Company

The presence of water and moisture is common in food manufacturing plants. Moisture management is necessary to keep humidity levels down in processing facilities when outdoor temperatures rise. Food borne illnesses are more prevalent during the warmer, more humid months of the year because bacteria thrive and multiply in balmy conditions. The effects of warm, humid weather can have negative impacts on the quality of food, ultimately leading to a product that is not suitable for distribution or consumption.

Moisture can affect the quality of raw materials during manufacturing process. The effecting result is the quality of final product. Eureka Dry Tech provides moisture / humidity control storage cabinets to prevent issues such of deterioration, discoloration, and clumping of food manufacturing raw materials and finished products.

Eureka's dry cabinets provides desiccating / dehumidifying storage options of <5% RH, <10% RH, <20% RH and 10~50% RH with fast recovery times. Eureka's dry cabinets utilizes powerful multi-porous molecular sieve desiccants which are not chemical reactive. Millions of users worldwide have used Eureka's products to solve moisture related problems. Our dry cabinet products are widely used in R&D, high-tech manufacturing industries, laboratories, clean rooms, warehouses, etc.

Eureka's moisture control cabinets are effective in protecting food manufacturing material such as, flour, powders, dry seasoning, and will prevent mold, fungus, mildew, and other bacteria from developing.

Our products are available in various shapes and capacity ranges from 19 liters to 1314 liters.

Contact us today with your moisture control storage needs and we will provide you with the best solution available on the market. Dealer, distributor, and agent inquires are welcome.