As 2012 comes to a close, the Food Manufacturing editors have put our heads together to recap the top food news stories of the year. Stay tuned all week as we bring you the year in review.

In nine print issues each year, Food Manufacturing delivers timely industry news and views to its readers across North America. We’ve taken into account reader feedback as well as our own favorites in order to present you with some of the most interesting articles we ran in 2012. The features of the year are:

5. Organic Milk Processor Packs A Punch

WhiteWave Foods’ processing facility in City of Industry, Calif., is employing unique packaging systems to produce an array of organic milk, plant based beverages, coffee creamers and iced coffee to meet a broad range of consumer needs. [read more]

4. An Industry Breaks Out Of Its Shell

Since the walnut was first introduced to California in the late 1700s, the state has cultivated a growing industry by utilizing the latest harvesting and processing methods to deliver a safe, quality product. Food Manufacturing profiles California's walnut industry by visiting an area grower and the world's largest walnut processor. [read more]

3. The Ruling Glass

As craft beers continue to make headway in the beer industry, gaining market share year over year, small brewers are making big waves with new ideas about flavor and processing techniques that are changing the way consumers think about beer. [read more]

2. Incident Report: Averting Disaster

Last year’s plant safety and food contamination incidents dominated the news and shocked food processors into action. We review the biggest disasters of 2011 and determine what could have been done differently to better protect workers and consumers. [read more]

1. Keeping The Chicks In A Row

Throughout its 89-year history, Just Born in Bethlehem, Penn., has produced such iconic candy brands as PEEPS® and MIKE AND IKE®. The family-owned company prides itself in maintaining a sense of tradition, while continuing to generate growth through innovative production processes. [read more]

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