These products originally ran in the October 2012 issue of Food Manufacturing.

In this Issue of Food Manufacturing, you will find the 2012 Energy Intelligence Guide, which helps processors find grants and incentives to help offset the cost of energy efficiency improvements in their facilities. Below you will find a sampling of some of energy-efficient products, which can help processors achieve some of their energy savings goals.

This high shear disperser reduces energy consumption by 50-75% and eliminates ongoing batch mixer maintenance. The unit uses 7.5 HP in a 400-gallon mix tank compared to 25-40 HP for a conventional bottom impeller tank mixer.
Because this water heating solution for water immersion cooking maintains constant and precise temperature of the cook tanks, meat products are safely cooked and energy is not wasted to the atmosphere. One company estimates it saves thousands of dollars in wasted product each year and sees energy dollar savings over $63,000 per year.
Hydro-Thermal Corporation
Waste-Steam Recovery System
The waste-steam recovery system for retorts is designed to lower energy costs, reduce consumption of water and improve the overall sustainability of a facility. This system is suitable for both new installations and as a retrofit solution.
Allpax Products
EDGE 850
This digital label press solution prints at speeds up to 9.14 meters/minute (30ft/minute/6ips)  for short run label production. The EDGE 850 can print on a variety of die cut, kiss cut or roll substrates. The small footprint allows for reliable printing with limited energy usage.
iSys Label
TrilliumSeries Condenser
This refrigeration product uses a Dry-Coil Adiabatic Design that provides up to 18% peak energy reduction, uses up to 60% less refrigerant charge and lowers operating costs with a smaller refrigeration system. The On-Demand Adiabatic Pre-Cooler uses water only on the hottest days to maintain condensing temperatures that typical air-cooled technology can’t achieve.
Baltimore Aircoil Company
The low-pressure, 240cc, single-point, self-contained automatic lubricator employs simple operation and low environmental impact. The unit LPS saves time, money, labor and bearings with precise metered lubricant injection, simple programming (1-, 3-, 6- or 12-month settings) and easy-to-change, low cost replaceable lube cartridges.
Everest S9000
The stainless steel computer terminal now provides a NEMA4/IP65 power supply and I/O and is suitable for conditions that require a water-resistant terminal. The Everest S9000 utilizes the INTEL Atom N270 1.6 GHz processor, a purpose-built, low-power, high-efficiency CPU.
Glacier Computer
Renegade Fans
The floor-mounted fans are an ideal option for workspaces that use multiple smaller pedestal fans. The AC motor consumes 640 watts of electricity, the same as two 30” ¼ HP pedestal fans, while generating 8 times the air volume. The fans generate airflow of 130,000 cubic feet per minute compared to 15,000 CFM for the two pedestal fans.
Rite-Hite Corporation
G-2 Lite Door
This fully customizable high speed mesh dock door is designed to help reduce heat from the sun while allowing light into work areas and improving ventilation. The door is constructed with 11 oz Mesh panels that provide a 65% shade factor to lower temperature and save energy.
Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.
APV Cavitator
This design uses the intense force of cavitation in a controlled manner, increasing the mass transfer rate and producing results superior to those of many current mixing and heating technologies. This technology improves energy efficiency of mixing processes without damage to metal surfaces of equipment.
KleenHeat Heat Exchanger
This high-efficiency heat exchanger heats cooking oil while it incinerates and removes virtually all odors, oil and other particulates from fryer stack exhaust. The graduated density oil heating tube bundle provides 10% greater thermal efficiency than existing models.
Heat and Control, Inc.
E TranSlicer Cutter
The cutter slices various vegetables, cooked meats and bread products with continuous precision slices. The slicer uses the same 20” wheel and delivers the same types of cuts as its predecessor and is available with a variable frequency drive for increased energy efficiency.
Energy Smart Wrapper
This Wrapper has logged 75 to 80% less electricity usage than old style stretch film overwrappers. Energy is consumed by the film seal plate only when associates need to seal a package. The units provide significant energy conservation by no longer requiring the seal plate to be energized throughout the day.
Heat Seal, LLC
Verilon Vinyl Strip Doors
In temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centers, vinyl strip doors can help maintain food quality by separating temperature zones and by helping to regulate humidity. With these doors, compressor units are running less often resulting in lower fuel and maintenance costs.
Verilon Products Company

Load Shedding Technique
The Hench Load Shedding technique changes the set points based on current kW (power usage), price per kW, demand charges, day and time, or a combination of any or all four. Company’s Energy Management System can also utilize demand charges, real-time pricing and current kW.
Hench Control
Compact Grid Conveyor Belt
Engineered with 70% open surface, this conveyor belt provides optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors. The unit’s flow through capabilities will reduce the time required to heat up or cool down a product, therefore reducing energy costs.
Wire Belt Company