The New Linde CRYOLINE® CW (Cryowave) Dual Purpose Freezer

Mon, 03/29/2010 - 6:29pm

The Cryowave freezer is part of the Linde CRYOLINE® family of hygienic freezers. The dual-function Cryowave freezer combines Linde’s industry leading CRYOLINE hygienic tunnel platform with a patented, controllable vibrating system that delivers the highest attainable amount of IQF product. Its primary purpose is to freeze IQF products; those products that are wet, those products that are small, sticky, that tend to either clump when loaded into the freezer or stick to the belt. It does this through a patented vibratory wave action such that when the product is loaded into the freezer the vibratory action initiated by the conveyor belt exposes the product to its surface areas while it is being introduced to liquid cryogen. Processors who want to run multiple products or who need to consolidate freezing lines will appreciate the ability to turn off the freezer’s vibrating feature in order to freeze flat, trayed or formed products.

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