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Product Recovery Unit

June 12, 2014 9:40 am | Product Releases | Comments

Product recovery is a term that refers to the high utilization, or yield, of a product or ingredient eliminating waste that would otherwise remain in suction or discharge process lines during changeovers or at the end of production runs.

Is 3DP Right for Your Company?

June 12, 2014 9:11 am | by PwC US | Articles | Comments

Additive manufacturing is showing signs of triggering transformations in U.S. industrial manufacturing, from product design and production to restructured supply chains. What should your company know before implementing a 3D printing strategy?

VIDEO: Cooking Up Pizza to Last 3 Years

June 12, 2014 8:40 am | by CNN Money | Videos | Comments

It looks like pizza, but this isn't your average pie. This pizza is specially engineered to last more than three years. This comfort food has been requested by military personnel for years. Soon, they will be provided with food that feels a lot like coming home. 


Canadian Meat Processors Call for Temporary Foreign Workers

June 12, 2014 8:33 am | by John Cotter, The Canadian Press | News | Comments

Canada's meat industry is concerned the changes to the federal program won't help it fill hundreds of vacant jobs. The Canadian Cattlemen's Association said the labor shortage is affecting Canada's two main beef plants in southern Alberta.

ConAgra Expands Indiana Popcorn Plant

June 12, 2014 8:23 am | News | Comments

ConAgra Foods, known for its Orville Redenbacher popcorn, is expanding its popcorn production operations in northwestern Indiana with a $9 million project. The company expects completion early next year, with an addition of 80 workers. 

Feds Let Brewers, Beer Drinkers Get a Little Closer

June 12, 2014 8:00 am | by MICHAEL FELBERBAUM, AP Business Writer | News | Comments

Officials have simplified parts of the approval process for bringing new beers to market, something that in the past could take months. The changes mean brewers will enjoy greater flexibility to experiment with ingredients and production techniques. 

Cheese Makers Upset with FDA Cutting into Tradition

June 11, 2014 1:00 pm | by Jon Minnick, Associate Editor | Blogs | Comments

The FDA has deemed the use of wooden boards in the cheese aging process unsanitary since the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), despite the fact that wooden boards have been used for hundreds of years. This will create problems for artisan cheese makers.

Cook-In Bag

June 11, 2014 10:16 am | Product Releases | Comments

Company introduces the new cook-in bag product. Processors, retailers and foodservice operators are presented with packaging performance for ham, turkey, roast beef and other processed meats. 


Polymer Liners

June 11, 2014 9:13 am | Product Releases | Comments

Company introduces a new system for lowering the abrasion of sensitive packaging that is sterilized in reciprocating retorts. 

Grinding System

June 11, 2014 9:01 am | Product Releases | Comments

Company's grinding systems combine two reliable mixer/grinders to create a continuous process. The system is for use of continuous grinding of a product at a high volume production. 

EPA Changes Pesticide Labeling to Protect Pollinators

June 11, 2014 8:27 am | by McCloud Services | News | Comments

In order to address the role pesticides might play, the EPA is mandating new language on certain pesticide labels. The section on the label containing the special information on bees will include a picture of the bee to alert applicators of the precautions.  

FDA: Wooden Boards in Cheese Aging Are Unsanitary

June 11, 2014 8:00 am | by Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, Wisconsin | News | Comments

The Food and Drug Administration says the use of wooden boards in the the aging process of cheese is unsanitary, despite the integral part wooden boards have played in a cheesemakers operations. Will this be the end of artisan cheeses as we know it?

How to Deal With a Fast-Breaking Crisis in Your Plant

June 10, 2014 2:39 pm | by Ray White, Vice President and General Manager, Global Solutions, International | Articles | Comments

Explosions, gas leaks and terrorist attacks — Oh my! A fast-breaking emergency is one where circumstances change quickly and dramatically, oftentimes in as little as a few seconds. Is your facility prepared for one of these events?          


Heinz Looks to Recycle Tomato Skins Into Auto Parts

June 10, 2014 12:23 pm | News | Comments

H.J. Heinz Co. and Ford Motor Co. are teaming up on research to turn tomato skin to car parts. Scientists believe they can use tomato fibers to manufacture composite materials used for wiring brackets, or storage bins in cars instead of petroleum-based plastics.

Air Pressure Regulator

June 10, 2014 10:42 am | Product Releases | Comments

Air pressure regulator system is designed with die cast aluminum housings. The housings are also finished with a weather-resistant vinyl paint. Each air regulator is fully pressure and leak tested prior to factory shipment.

Q&A: Product Traceability and the Wolverine Packing Beef Recall

June 10, 2014 8:40 am | by Kari Imberg, Associate Editor | Articles | Comments

Traceability plays a major role in protecting consumer loyalty, managing reputational risks and ensuring food safety. Food traceability programs allow companies to identify the source of a problem, and initiate the appropriate procedures to remedy it immediately.

Top Manufacturers Urge Action on Immigration

June 10, 2014 8:30 am | by ERICA WERNER, Associated Press | News | Comments

Executives of Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, Cargill and other national companies write that without action to overhaul ineffective immigration laws and allow lower-skilled workers into the U.S. legally, their businesses cannot ensure the workforce they need.

3 Fallacies That Keep Small Manufacturers From Embracing New Technology

June 9, 2014 1:02 pm | by Steve Leavitt, GM of U.S. Cloud Solutions for Exact | Articles | Comments

Many small manufacturers believe business technology is something for larger companies only, that it has a reputation of being too costly and disruptive. Here are three of the most common misconceptions with small manufacturers and wholesale distributors.

Cargill Moves to Group Housing for Sows by End of 2015

June 9, 2014 12:30 pm | by Cargill | News | Comments

Cargill, one of the largest pork producers in the U.S., is continuing its commitment of moving to group housing for its sows that produce hogs for pork. Company owned facilities will be 100 percent group housing by the end of calendar 2015.

Seasoning, Bagging and Conveying Solutions

June 9, 2014 10:01 am | Product Releases | Comments

The 3ci VFFS packaging machine offers rates of up to 150bpm for applications such as potato chips and is suitable for high volumes of a wide variety of other products. The 3ci provides manufacturers with up to 30 percent improvement in performance.

Protease Enzymes

June 9, 2014 9:35 am | Product Releases | Comments

The Maxipro HSP enzyme for the processed meat industry includes a wide range of proteases that help protein solubility, functionality and digestibility as well as improve the taste profile of protein and reduce allergic reactions to certain proteins.

RGF Environmental Attacks Airborne Plant Pathogenic Contaminants for Food Processors

June 9, 2014 8:51 am | by PRNewswire | News | Comments

Studies have proven that airborne pathogenic contamination of food products at the processing level is a safety concern, and can be the major cause of microbiological contamination. Odors, air pollutants, smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses are all plant air issues.

Preventing Heat Stress on the Job

June 9, 2014 8:26 am | by Scott Jacobs, PE, Director of Engineering, Port-A-Cool, LLC | Articles | Comments

Extreme-heat situations can impact worker safety and productivity, and certainly, the company’s bottom-line. Without adequate cooling, workers are put in danger while equipment and manufactured products are at an increased risk for failure.

Your Motto: Be Prepared!

June 6, 2014 12:45 pm | by Anna Wells, Executive Editor, IMPO | Articles | Comments

The scary thing about emergency preparedness is that you need to be prepared for anything. For many manufacturers, this applies not only to protecting your equipment and your productivity, but also your people. How would you react to a serious safety incident?

Salmonella Detection System

June 6, 2014 9:52 am | Product Releases | Comments

 Salmonella express system is for the detection of Salmonella in raw ground beef, cooked breaded chicken nuggets, raw ground chicken, raw ground pork, pasteurized liquid whole egg, fresh shrimp, fresh spinach, dry pet food and stainless steel. 

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