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Whey Protein

May 20, 2014 9:00 am | Product Releases | Comments

Company’s advanced whey protein Lacprodan® DI-7017 is a 100% whey protein concentrate rich in the essential and branched chain amino acids that are scientifically proven to optimize the body’s muscle-building and satiety response mechanisms.

Kraft Recalls 1.2 Million Cases of Cottage Cheese

May 19, 2014 9:10 am | News | Comments

Kraft, one of North America's largest consumer packaged food and beverage manufacturers, has recalled cottage cheese across several brands due to improper storage temperatures that may lead illnesses. Breakstone's, Simply Kraft and Knudsen were affected.

GMO Labeling Campaign Incited by Oregon Activists

May 16, 2014 10:06 am | by GOSIA WOZNIACKA, Associated Press | News | Comments

If adopted, the initiative by Oregon GMO Right to Know would require food manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to label raw and packaged foods produced entirely or partially by genetic engineering. The measure would not apply to food served in restaurants.


Nestle's Wonka Brand Markets Wacky Frozen 'Banana' Pops

May 16, 2014 9:48 am | News | Comments

Nestle's Wonka Confectionary is marketing WONKA™ Peel-a-Pop™ frozen treats. The dessert pops look like and peel like bananas, but the peels are edible. The dessert pops are available in two "scrummdiddlyumptious" flavors, Vanilla Banana and Vanilla Grape.

US Congress Demands Rejection of EU's Food Name Laws

May 15, 2014 3:13 pm | by Consortium for Common Food Names | News | Comments

Members of the U.S. House and Senate issued statements against the European Union's geographical indicator laws for products with names like "parmesan" and "feta." Europeans say these are proprietary products, but U.S. producers claim they're trade barriers.

Wild Ice Cream Flavors Try to Buy Market Share

May 15, 2014 2:58 pm | by MICHELE KAYAL, Associated Press | News | Comments

Americans ate nearly 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen dairy desserts in 2012, though ice cream is losing market share to other frozen treats. Manufacturers hope to pique consumer interests with savory flavors like basalmic vinegar ice cream.

Food Helps Push Consumer Prices to 10-Month High

May 15, 2014 10:27 am | News | Comments

Rising food and gas costs pushed April consumer prices to 10-month highs. Food prices jumped 0.4 percent for the third straight month, driven by the largest increase in the cost of meat in 10 years. Produce costs rose amid ongoing drought in California.

April Producer Prices Rise, Food Prices Remain Volatile

May 15, 2014 10:02 am | News | Comments

Prices that U.S. companies receive for their goods and services rose in April by the most in 19 months, boosted by higher food prices. Some see this as a sign of rising inflation, but others caution that it will take more evidence to establish a growth trend.


Poor Safety, Bad Mozzarella Leads To 13 Arrests

May 13, 2014 11:47 am | News | Comments

Police have shut down a mozzarella factory and arrested 13 people after finding that prized local buffalo milk was being cut with cheaper imported cow milk. The probe leading to these arrests began after a worker lost some of his fingers because of safety flaws.

Idaho Milk Processing Plant Faces Heavy Fines

May 13, 2014 11:23 am | News | Comments

Idaho Milk Products said in a statement that it has taken steps to make sure future discharges meet standards. Improper acidity levels can cause corrosion, reduce the ability of bacteria to break down sewage, and lead to potential leaks. Between March 2009 and July 2012 the company exceeded its acidity limit 138 times.

Letterman, Stewart Mock Lengthy Snack Debate

May 12, 2014 10:28 am | by David Klepper, AP | News | Comments

The New York Senate's debate about declaring yogurt the state's official snack was intended to teach a fourth-grade class about government. Instead, it became a lesson on legislative silliness as the Senate spent 45 minutes debating the merits of the legislation.

Grocery Association Fights Back Against Demonizing Documentary

May 8, 2014 9:00 am | News | Comments

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, a leading trade association in retail food, renewed its campaign to discredit a film that blames the American obesity epidemic on food manufacturers. "Fed Up" was directed and narrated by journalist Katie Couric.

What Does 'Made in America' Actually Mean?

May 8, 2014 9:00 am | by Anna Wells, Executive Editor, MBT | News | Comments

"Made in America" is a label typically associated with durable goods, but food products are coming under increasing regulation and labeling restrictions, such as Country of Origin Labeling. The National Retail Foundation delved into a topic that applies to food.


VIDEO: Molecular Sensor Gadget Reports Nutrition Facts

May 8, 2014 9:00 am | by SCiO | Videos | Comments

SCiO, a handheld molecular sensor, scans the molecular fingerprint of an object and relays that data, including nutrition information. Users can log, record and share the information digitally. The gadget could be a new frontier in science and foodie-ism.

PHOTOS: NFL Draft Prospect Immortalized in Sandwich Sculpture

May 8, 2014 9:00 am | News | Comments

Sub sandwiches are a popular snack for football fans gathered to watch a game. But what if the sandwich was in the form of a player? Subway constructed a larger-than-life food sculpture of NFL draft prospect Anthony Barr. No word as to if it was eaten.

Comments Sought on International Food Safety Standard

May 7, 2014 9:56 am | by Sandrine Tranchard Communication Officer, International Organization for Stardards | News | Comments

The International Organization for Standardization is revising its food safety standard, originally published in 2005. If you represent industry, consumers, governments, regulators, laboratories or any food industry organization, they'd like to hear from you.

The Future of Human Civilization Depends on Cutting Food Waste

May 7, 2014 9:26 am | by by Selina Juul, Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark and Winner of Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize | Articles | Comments

Food industry efforts to reduce food waste and loss grow more fervent as data exposes the shockingly large amount of food that is wasted worldwide on a daily basis. Developed and developing nations show varying points where waste occurs, but the loss is real.

Court Rules for Utah Dairy Farmers in Electricity Suit

May 7, 2014 9:00 am | News | Comments

A court ruled that Utah dairy farmers could investigate whether an advesary electric company prevented a fair trial by forewarning of a plant closure and layoffs if they lost the case. The suit claimed that the company's coal-burning plant was sickening herds.

China May Block New Zealand Baby Formula

May 6, 2014 8:03 am | by JOE McDONALD, AP Business Writer | News | Comments

In the wake of China's 2008 melamine scandal, the country is strictly regulating imports of infant formula. Only milk products from foreign sources that are registered with the government can be imported. Fewer than half of New Zealand exporters are eligible.

Video: A Love Letter to Food

May 5, 2014 10:43 am | Videos | Comments

A video by MinuteEarth vividly shows just how much food Americans waste on a daily basis. Forty percent of the nation's food supply is wasted for largely unnecessary reasons. This personal love letter to anthropomorphized food apologizes for the waste. 

Wells' Dairy Recalls Ice Cream

May 5, 2014 9:49 am | News | Comments

Iowa-based Wells' Dairy is voluntarily recalling one of its Blue Bunny ice cream products because of inaccurate labeling. The ice cream in question was sold at retail grocery stores in Kansas, Indiana and Iowa. No illnesses have been reported to date.

Report: Corn and Soy Yields May Plummet by 30 Percent

May 2, 2014 12:00 pm | News | Comments

An article published in the journal Science estimates that drought conditions in the U.S. Midwest could push corn and soy yields 15-30 percent lower in the next 50 years. Even genetic modifications to crops aren't as useful when there is not enough water.

Land O' Lakes to Close Wis. Cheese Plant, Expand Another

May 2, 2014 11:01 am | News | Comments

Minnesota-based Land O' Lakes plans says the provolone and mozzarella semi-soft Italian cheese products made at its Denmark plant have not been profitable in recent years. However, the company announced a multi-million dollar expansion to its Kiel facility.

FDA Shuts Down NY Cheese Maker for Listeria Contamination

May 1, 2014 12:02 pm | News | Comments

Under a consent decree, Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company cannot receive, prepare, process, pack, hold or distribute food until it demonstrates that it has developed a control program to eliminate listeria from its production facility and products.

Recall: Stonyfield YoBaby Cups May Be Tainted with Coliform

April 28, 2014 9:59 am | News | Comments

Organic yogurt producer Stonyfield is voluntary recalling a small portion of its YoBaby cups that were shipped to Target and Walmart stores. The company said internal testing revealed the possibility that some product may be affected by coliform contamination.

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