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Passover Classic Matzo Gets a Modern Twist

March 19, 2014 9:31 am | by LEANNE ITALIE, Associated Press | News | Comments

In recent years, matzo has undergone a makeover as the people who churn it out and the people who eat it have come up with new recipes and flavors for the large cracker with a big place at the Seder table — but a bad rep in the taste department.

Cake Finishing Center

March 18, 2014 1:00 am | by Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor | Product Releases | Comments

The Cake Finishing Center is an all-in-one icing machine that can top- and side-ice round cakes and quickly add borders.

General Mills Panel Recommends Standard Definition of 'Whole Grain'

March 13, 2014 12:59 pm | News | Comments

A roundtable of nutrition experts convened by Cereal Partners Worldwide and General Mills Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition, recommends developing a standard definition of a whole grain food that would require at least 8 grams of whole grain per 30-gram serving.


Tasting a 3D Printed Oreo Cookie

March 13, 2014 9:00 am | by CNNMoney | Videos | Comments

Mondelez International has developed a machine that uses 3D printing technology that allows consumers to customize their own Oreos. Laurie Segall, Tech Correspondent for CNNMoney, prints her own Oreo cookie and lets us know how it tastes.

Design Your Dinner with Pizza Hut's Interactive Table

March 10, 2014 9:00 am | by Pizza Hut | Videos | Comments

Pizza Hut recently released a concept video showing off an interactive table the restaurant chain developed with Chaotic Moon Studios. Using the table, diners can customize their own pizzas, select their payment method and play games while they wait.

IDDBA President Carol Christison Dies

March 6, 2014 2:01 pm | by International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association | News | Comments

Carol L. Christison, president of the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association since 1982, passed away Tuesday. Christison was well known throughout the food industry, particularly as the master of ceremonies at the association's annual Dairy-Deli-Bake Expo.

2 Convicted of Selling Oreo Trade Secrets to China

March 6, 2014 12:48 pm | by PAUL ELIAS, Associated Press | News | Comments

Two men were found guilty Wednesday of stealing an American company's secret recipe for making a chemical used to whiten products — including the middle of Oreo cookies — and selling it to a competitor controlled by the Chinese government.

Photos of the Day: Oscar-Worthy Eats

March 3, 2014 9:53 am | News | Comments

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck rolled a chocolate cake down the Oscar red carpet two hours before show time. The five-layer cake, decorated with a tiny Hollywood sign, was part of the post-Oscar feast served at the annual Governor's Ball after the Academy Awards.


Wolfgang Puck Delivers Cake to Celebrate the Oscars

March 3, 2014 9:49 am | by HANNAH DREIER, Associated Press | News | Comments

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck rolled a chocolate cake down the Oscar red carpet two hours before show time. The five-layer cake, decorated with a tiny Hollywood sign, was part of the post-Oscar feast served at the annual Governor's Ball after the Academy Awards.

The Daily Show Takes on Food News

March 3, 2014 8:00 am | by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart | Videos | Comments

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart discusses some of the latest news impacting the food industry, including Subway's removal of a controversial chemical from its bread, Kraft's new "natural mold inhibitor," and Nestle's Hot Pockets recall.

Nearly 500 Food Products Contain ‘Yoga Mat’ Chemical

February 28, 2014 1:17 pm | by Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor | News | Comments

A consumer advocacy group warns that nearly 500 food products contain the chemical used in yoga mats that Subway recently vowed to remove from its bread. Many food companies reportedly use the ingredient, including Jimmy Dean, Little Debbie, Pillsbury and Smucker’s.

Food is Going to Pot

February 27, 2014 8:00 am | by Holly Henschen, Editor | Blogs | Comments

Edibles, special brownies or adult cookies. Call the THC-infused foods now legally on the market in Colorado and Washington what you will. The regional legalization of recreational marijuana opens a door for niche food manufacturers, though some consumers are finding it hard to swallow.

Post-Baking Dryers

February 27, 2014 1:00 am | by Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor | Product Releases | Comments

Macrowave™ Post-Baking Dryers are designed to boost productivity and eliminate checking for the core products of large wholesale producers of biscuits and crackers.


South African Bakery Apologizes for Pistorius Cookies

February 26, 2014 12:23 pm | by GERALD IMRAY, Associated Press | News | Comments

Charly's Bakery in South Africa apologized Tuesday for producing a line of cookies with bad taste messages relating to the upcoming trial of Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee Olympian charged with murder in his girlfriend's shooting death.

Photos of the Day: Tastykake Turns 100

February 26, 2014 9:57 am | News | Comments

The beloved bakery Tastykake marked its 100th anniversary on Tuesday in Philadelphia. Tastykake made 100 cakes on its first day of business in 1914. Today, the company produces nearly 5 million cakes, doughnuts, cookies and pies every day.

Tastycakes Celebrates a Century

February 26, 2014 9:51 am | by KATHY MATHESON, Associated Press | News | Comments

The beloved Philadelphia bakery Tastykake celebrated a century in business on Tuesday by introducing a new product, giving out free treats and serving up — what else? — birthday kake created from some of of the company's most famous products.

Awrey’s Bakery Is Back from the Brink

February 25, 2014 11:33 am | by JC REINDL, Detroit Free Press | News | Comments

It was a year ago that Awrey's Bakery — one of the few remaining iconic Detroit-area brands — avoided permanent closure in a down-to-the-wire purchase deal. The new buyers bought the bakery just hours before its equipment was to be sold at a liquidation auction.

Knish Factory to Reopen After Fire

February 21, 2014 10:11 am | News | Comments

The Long Island factory billed as the world's largest maker of knishes is reopening five months after it was badly damaged in a fire, leading to a nationwide shortage of the Jewish treat. Gabila's Knishes is the only factory that makes square knishes.

EU Grants Bavarian Pretzels Protected Status

February 21, 2014 9:45 am | News | Comments

A twisted piece of dough has been elevated to cultural icon status by the European Union, which has added the Bavarian pretzel to its "protected origins" list. That means only pretzels produced in the southern German state can be sold as "Bayerische Breze," or Bavarian pretzel.

'Food Babe' Blows Whistle on Subway

February 17, 2014 8:00 am | by ABC News | Videos | Comments

A blogger called the 'Food Babe' launched a petition asking Subway to remove the ingredient azodicarbonamide from its bread. While the restaurant is in the process of removing the chemical, Subway argues that it made the decision to make the ingredient switch before the petition was launched.

Military Researchers Develop Pizza That Lasts Years

February 14, 2014 12:12 pm | by RODRIQUE NGOWI, Associated Press | News | Comments

They call it the holy grail of ready-to-eat meals for soldiers: a pizza that can stay on the shelf for up to three years and still remain good to eat. Researchers at a U.S. military lab in Massachusetts are closing in on a recipe that doesn't require any refrigeration or freezing.

Prosecutor Backs Girl’s Cupcakes Enterprise

February 14, 2014 8:00 am | News | Comments

Southwestern Illinois prosecutor Tom Gibbons is lobbying for sixth-grader Chloe Stirling, whose home-based cupcake business was shut down after county health officials concluded that her $200-a-month operation did not comply with state law.

Mondelez Closing Philadelphia Bakery

February 7, 2014 10:21 am | News | Comments

Mondelez International Inc., the maker of Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers, said Thursday that it will close a Philadelphia bakery by 2015 as part of a plan to restructure its supply chain and save money. The snack food maker said the closing will affect about 350 employees.

Thailand’s Rice Buying Policy Turns Sour

February 7, 2014 10:18 am | by THANYARAT DOKSONE, Associated Press | News | Comments

A rice buying program that Thailand's ruling party hoped would aid millions of its poor, rural supporters may instead help bring down the increasingly cornered government. Hundreds of farmers converged on the capital to demand rice payments that are several months overdue after the policy caused ruinous losses.

Subway Removing Chemical from Bread

February 6, 2014 9:54 am | by CANDICE CHOI, AP Food Industry Writer | News | Comments

Subway says it's in the process of removing a chemical from its bread as part of an ongoing effort to improve its recipes. The announcement comes after a popular food blogger launched a petition this week asking the sandwich chain to stop using the ingredient azodicarbonamide.

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