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Closed Cell Silicone Sponge Sheeting

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 7:40am

Bellofoam is a closed cell silicone sponge sheeting designed to support a variety of industrial, manufacturing, gasketing, insulation, sealing and padding requirements in factory floor industries. Offered in a variety of densities, thicknesses, and pigment matched colors, product is uniquely produced in bun form. The bun provides the core from which sheets are skived horizontally, which allows for the product to have higher consistency and 25 percent less weight than other closed cell silicone sponge sheeting available on the market. This method also produces up to 2.000 inch thick sheets, depending upon customer requirements. The unique closed cell design of BELLOFOAM™ is designed around the ASTM D 1056 specification for prevention of water absorption. Three density ranges are available to meet requirements of ASTM D 1056 2D1, 2D2 and 2D3 (AMS 3195). A flame retardant version offers a UL Certification to UL 94 V, 0. In addition, BELLOFOAM™ fluorosilicone sheets and buns meet AMS 3323 Class 1 requirements. Customers may also opt to purchase buns to skive their own sheets. Pressure-sensitive adhesives may also be added, in support of assembly requirements.

Marsh Bellofram


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