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Magnetic Separators

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 7:30am

Company introduces line of magnetic separators to their distribution structure. The line includes six items: a magnetic mat, the RapidClean, the MAGRAM, a magnet filter combo, a pressure pipeline separator and a spherical pipeline magnet. Each item featured in the new line offers different benefits. Products include the magnetic mat, which is a mat for production areas used for metal fragment transfer control of ferrous metal particles. The RAPIDCLEAN serves as a grate magnet that is a quick-cleanable in place and eliminates the removal and transfer of magnets. The MAG-RAM is a self-cleaning grate magnet system designed to eliminate risk of metal fragments while automatically self-servicing when necessary. The magnet filter combo and pressure pipeline separator serve the liquid industry for normal to microscopic ferrous material removal. Finally, the high intensity spherical pipeline separator offers an aerodynamic design to serve dilute phase conveying systems with excellent serration efficiency. All products serve as quick clean, easy clean or automatic cleaning magnets. Other features include clean-in-place capabilities, high gauss readings (up to 12,000 gauss possible), HACCP International Endorsement, and high temperature cleaning models. 

Powder-Solutions, Inc.



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