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Long-Time Recording

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 7:30am

High-speed video has now established itself in almost all industries as an important tool for precisely identifying error sources in processes and eliminating them. This long-time recording of high-speed videos overcomes limitation. This technology makes it possible to seamlessly analyze long-running processes at high speeds and eliminate error sources. With an LTR system, users from all industries can gain new insights in production and research. A variety of applications using predecessor LTR models in a variety of industries demonstrate the superior benefits and quick pay-offs your company can get. This new system combines the high-resolution camera with extremely high frame rates. Due to the very fast data transfer via the product interface, recording times of up to 60 minutes are possible, even at high frame rates. This enables you to precisely record each moment of a process in detail and gain important insights by analyzing the footage using the playback function. The small sized-cameras with 3 or 4 megapixel image resolution can be installed directly where they are needed in confined spaces and the date is recorded in real time. In full-HD format, the system provides a frame rate of up to 900 frames per second and up to 35,000 frames per second at reduced resolution. The communication, camera control and power supply are controller from up to 10 meters away via a single coax cable. If you use a fiber optic module, distances of up to 140 meters are possible. 

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