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LED Signal Light

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 7:45am

Company's signal light is a compact, rugged design providing versatile status change indication for wide-ranging industrial applications such as conveyor lines, automated guided vehicles, machine tools, robots and warehousing. Featuring a highly efficient, long life LED, the product provides seven different discrete signal colors to notify personnel of changing equipment of environmental conditions. On conveyor lines for example, the product can shine green during normal operation, red for emergency stop condition, yellow to indicate error, dark blue to indicate material jam, light blue to signal supervisor call, or purple to indicate ready to start status. Similarly, on an automated guided vehicle, the product shines green for forward movement, dark blue for reverse, yellow for obstacle detection, red for error, purple for dead battery, etc. The opaque white lens cover on the NE is designed to uniformly diffuse the light source so that each color emitted shines equally clear and bright. The seven light output colors are created by seven different wiring combinations to the three-wire input. The compact profile of the surface-mounted housing measures a mere 61 mm in height by 57 mm in diameter, making the product suitable to fit virtually any piece of equipment or machinery.



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