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Polymer Liners

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 9:13am

Company introduces a new system for lowering the abrasion of sensitive packaging that is sterilized in reciprocating retorts. The new protection system features compression molded polymer tray liners that are installed and replaced on aluminum or stainless steel retort tray bottoms or used as slip sheets between trays. The liners are a high performance alternative to injection molded trays. Injection mold tooling costs can run into the six figures, while tools for the compression molded polymer lines can cost up to 80 percent less. A grommet system snaps liner sections onto the tray. The liners are designed to protect glass bottles with easily abraded metal tops and paperboard retort contains. Aluminum trays last longer than plastic trays. One of the problems with aluminum is its relative coarseness, which tends to abrade sensitive packaging in reciprocating retorts. Vulcanized rubber and the new polymer liners and slip sheets solve the coarseness issue. Product can be used for aluminum or stainless steel trays. 



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