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Pneumatic 90 Degree Push Transfer

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 7:15am

This multi-conveyor company recently built the pneumatic 90 degrees transfer. It was designed for a packaged meat operation that required products that are two or three abreast to be transferred at 90 degrees at 20 cycles per minute. This application required a change in orientation not only from narrow edge leading from the upstream equipment to wide edge leading for the downstream equipment, but also needed to combine the three lanes to a single flow. Both of these requirements were fulfilled with the box-in-box style pneumatic pusher design. The design results in the elimination of pinch points associated with the mechanism itself, and care is also taken to avoid pinch points associated with the adjacent guide rails. Also considered in the design of the unit were the sanitation and cleanability of the mechanism. The adjacent rails and the product end stop are easily removable. The stainless steel cover over the assembly can be removed for access to the easily removable air cylinder and UHMW slide guides. The pneumatic 90 degree push transfer used for these irregular shaped products with uneven wraps can also be used for traditional carton and case handling applications. The pusher can be custom designed for various product sizes, weights and rates as well as for the particular environment associated with the application.




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