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Current Sensing Contact Switch

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 7:30am

Company's new current sensing switches provide a limit alarm contact with easy adjustment method. These current sensing switches feature a single turn potentiometer, allowing the trip point to be set before the sensor is installed or before the monitored circuit is energized. In conjunction, the product features an LED display for quick visual indication of where the contact changes, making it one of the most accurate setpoint adjustment available. The product simplifies and expedites startup and improves safety by allowing trip point adjustment, with no power through the sensing window. Compared to alternative technologies, the sensing contact switch is the ideal sensor for simplicity and reliability. Product applications for monitoring, detection and control include: conveyor system jam, overload, multiple section interlock integrity; pump system loss of head pressure (open discharge line, pump runs dry, etc.); cooling towers and similar fan handling systems (over-and-under-current conditions caused by open duct access door, broken drive belt or coupling.) Product is compatible with most automation systems. 

NK Technologies


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