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Autoloading Slicing System

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 9:48am

This slicing system features an open, hygienic design to ensure food safety through cleaning and sanitation. The slicing throat, which is up to 18.5 inches wide, helps maximize productivity and yields. Product can range from the most basic of autoloading needs up to the most complex of applications. The autoloading system's patented technology allows processors to automate the positioning, transfer and loading of their sliced portions at high speeds. The belt-loading systems included in the technology fully support product portions throughout the transfer and loading process ensuring consistent performance. The system makes the final correction to each row alignment just prior to packager to ensure product placement is precise. The lanes can be overlapped adjacently or have subsequent rows onto one another with overlapping systems to create variety packs, sandwich setups and other portion presentations. The positioning station high-speed camera technology detects and adjusts portion position to meet the application requirements. Modules drag, turn and line the portions as required. Inliner and twinliner stations streamline multiple lanes of portions into a single lane for packaging or split single lanes into separate ones. Throughput capacity can reach 100 portions per minute for the standard model or 150 portions per minute maximum for the high-speed model.

Provisur Technologies, Inc.



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