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Rotary and Reciprocating Agitation Retort

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 9:36am

The Versatort, a full-size, production-scale, R&D retort has the capacity to perform both rotary and reciprocating agitation. Retort facilitates production-scale testing in the lab environment and provides static processing, as well as rotary agitation in a 32-inch cube basket and reciprocating agitation in a 40-inch cube basket. Processing modes include saturated steam, water spray, water immersion and steam-air. Product is ideal for brand owners and co-packers that produce several different types of packages. Rotary agitation works well for vertically oriented packaging, such as cans and glass jars. Reciprocating agitation is more effective for horizontally oriented containers, such as pouches and bowls. Retort gives large food manufacturers with multiple products in various types of containers the ability to choose the process mode and agitation method best suited for their specific needs. For easy changeover, the rotary and reciprocating modules of product are mounted on customized carts that can quickly be moved into position so the modules can be bolted in place.

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