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Optical Sorter for MOG Removal

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 1:00am
Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor

VitiSort™ is an optical sorter for removing MOG from red wine grapes. The two-stage system combines a mechanical MOG removal shaker and optical sorting with an integral juice recovery system. It removes any unwanted objects, such as insects, skins, raisins, shot berries, stem jacks, petioles, leaves and other MOG from the product flow to better control the quality of must going to the fermentation tanks. The stainless steel system is compact, mobile and processes up to 5 tons per hour. When unwanted objects are identified, the sorter activates the ejector system, which is made up of a series of air jets that span the width of the system. While still air-borne, the air jets pinpoint MOG to remove it from the product stream. Good grapes pass from the sorter into a trough or screw conveyor for delivery to the fermentation tank.

Key Technology, Inc.,



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