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Tubular Cable Conveyor

Wed, 02/05/2014 - 1:00am
Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor

FLEXI-DISC™ Tubular Cable Conveyers include a 6-inch diameter system in addition to a 4-inch diameter conveyor. Conveyor is intended for the gentle transfer of friable materials. Low-friction, high-strength polymer discs slide materials gently, quietly, and dust-free through smooth stainless steel tubing, which can be routed horizontally, vertically or at any angle through small holes in walls or ceilings and over short or long distances. System can be configured with single or multiple inlets, metered and/or non-metered, and valved or opened discharges. Cable-disc assembly is pulled through tubing circuitry by a drive wheel at one end of the circuit and kept taut by an automatic cable tensioner at the opposite end of the circuit. Housings and ancillary metallic components are 304 or 316 stainless steel with continuous welds ground and polished to food standards. Discs are affixed to stainless steel and Nylon-encapsulated stainless steel cable for sanitary applications.




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