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Fri, 01/24/2014 - 1:00am
Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor

The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5900 services router is the first in Company's portfolio to deliver virtual private network (VPN) and firewall capabilities simultaneously. These capabilities make the device suited for securing cell/area zones, as well as connecting to a cell/area zone from a remote location over an untrusted network. This device restricts and regulates communication to help ensure a security perimeter is maintained and information exchange crossing the security boundary is not tampered with or interrupted. VPNs can also create a secure tunnel for server-machine communications to help protect cell/area zones from other machines in the facility. Firewall capabilities can monitor and block an input or an output that does not meet the firewall's configured policy. When combined, VPN and firewalling create a more robust, more secure network.

Rockwell Automation Inc.,




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