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Food Preservation Technology

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 1:00am
Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor

Oxy-Guard™ is an oxygen-reducing technology that helps prevent the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria in pre-packaged foods. The technology eliminates reliance on chemical preservatives with high-performance oxygen scavenger packets. These packaging inserts contain a combination of salt and iron powder, which combine to maintain oxygen levels at less than 0.01% inside sealed packages. As the salt absorbs moisture from the packaging, the iron begins to oxidize, initiating the oxygen absorption process. With this technology, high-quality packaged food can arrive at its destination with freshness, flavor and nutritional value not sacrificed. It can extend product shelf life from one week to several months compared to packaged food that does not utilize an oxygen scavenger. This technology can be used to preserve fresh baked goods, nuts, dried grains, pasta, processed and dried meats and many other varieties of food.




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