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Nitrofuran Screening Kits

Tue, 02/19/2013 - 1:00am
Food Manufacturing Staff

Company's line of MaxSignal® ELISAs improves the analysis of nitrofurans in feed, fish, shrimp, meat, honey and milk. These kits combine the fastest ELISA protocols with the highest sensitivity (0.025 ppb or below), the broadest range of standards and simplified sample protocols to meet the demanding needs of customers worldwide. These kits include the MaxSignal® Nitrofurantoin (AHD) ELISA Kit, the MaxSignal® Furaltadone (AMOZ) ELISA Kit, the MaxSignal® Furazolidone (AOZ) ELISA Kit and the MaxSignal® Nitrofurazone (SEM) ELISA Kit. All of these kits incorporate a single extraction protocol that can be used for testing samples for the detection of nitrofuran antibiotics. Users can take one sample, perform one extraction and test for AHD, SEM, AMOZ and AOZ.

Bioo Scientific,


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