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Downdraft Table System

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 2:00am
Food Manufacturing Staff

The DT-3000V2 downdraft table is designed to provide high-efficiency, source-point collection and filtration of powder, dust, fumes, smoke and other contaminants produced during industrial processing and production operations. The unit generates 195 FPM of downdraft air velocity across the 19.25 sq. ft., grate-style work surface to quickly draw contaminates down and away from the workerís breathing zone. Contaminants are then collected and filtered from the air flow path using high-efficiency filtration (MERV 17 after-filter). The system prevents contaminants from becoming airborne, migrating throughout the facility and presenting possible environmental health and safety concerns. The unit also helps reduce operating and maintenance costs with its Vibra-PulseÆ filter cleaning system, which combines high-pressure compressed air and a random-motion impactor to remove dirt from deep within the filter pleats; returning the filter to its original dust holding capacity.

Airflow Systems, Inc.,



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