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Low-Profile Filler

Mon, 08/20/2012 - 1:00am

A Multi-Purpose Filler dispenses bulk solid materials into boxes, drums and bulk bags by weight. The unit features a fill head that seals dust-tight against the inlet spout of bulk bags or connects to transition adapters that seal against open boxes or drums. The syste uses Company's Twin-Centerpost™ frame to maximize strength and improve accessibility to the fill head while simplifying construction and reducing cost. It is mounted on load cells tied into a PLC that controls upstream devices to fill containers at a high rate and then at a dribble-feed rate to maximize the number of containers filled per hour while still achieving required accuracies. An automated vibratory system raises and vibrates the container deck to de-aerate and densify material, stabilizing the container. The low-profile configuration allows removal of filled containers using a pallet jack, eliminating the need for a fork truck.

Flexicon Corporation,


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