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Fluid Bed Dryers With Hoist System

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 1:00am

Company's vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers feature an optional motorized hoist system that automatically raises the cover and reveals the entire drying or cooling system interior to permit safe, fast, easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Operated at the push of a button, the hoist system replaces manual, hand-operated winches with a safer, more modern approach that enables a single worker to lift and remove the cover of the largest, heaviest fluid bed dryers and coolers. The increased load bearing capacity further allows the entire steel conveying section to be raised and removed while attached to the cover to permit easy access to the drying or cooling pan underneath and invite clear forklift access for deck removal. The system is ideal for specification on large vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers or on small capacity dryers and coolers.

Witte Company, Inc.,


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