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Grip & Tear Non-Barrier Bag

Fri, 02/05/2010 - 3:37am

The Grip & Tear™ non-barrier bag combines the shrink and leak-resistant properties with the first truly easy-open feature for a vacuum package. The bag’s knifeless design helps keep fingers, counters and utensils safe and sanitary by reducing contact with raw poultry and sharp objects. Consumers can simply pull on the starting tab to open the bag, exposing the whole chicken and making removal easier. The extreme durability and resistance to abrasion and puncture of the bag means reduced leakers at the retail level, while the bag’s skin-tight shrink and easy-open feature increase product merchandising appeal. For processors, the bag does not require any new equipment investment and can be used with existing Cryovac® rotary chamber vacuum systems. The new bags are available in widths of 8½ and 9¼ inches and with two-sided, six-color print graphics.


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