Company’s beer analyzer provides reliable trace analysis of vicinal volatiles that develop during the brewing process and, in excess concentration, contribute to unpalatable tastes. The analyzer identifies and quantifies key flavors within the beer, malt and wort brewing processes. The analyzer features:

  • Two- or three-channel mode to provide quality control within breweries and QC laboratories
  • Optional two-channel setup that is suited to local breweries and capable of batch-to-batch product confirmation tests
  • Optional three-channel setup that allows identification of trace components such as dimethyl sulfide (DMS) and the possible presence of bacterial contamination
  • Each three-channel setup incorporates flame ionization, pulsed flame photometric and electron capture detectors
  • Components threshold covering a range of ppm to sub-ppm
  • Capability to analyze trace elements such as ketone and sulfur components

Bruker Corporation,