Consumer Trends: Dessert Trends For 2013

Tue, 12/18/2012 - 12:18pm

(Love and Quiches Desserts) — Andy Axelrod knows desserts. As the president of Love and Quiches Desserts, a leading manufacturer of gourmet desserts and quiches, Andy meets with foodservice professionals and food retailers all over the world to discuss what products — brownies, dessert bars, cheesecakes, cakes, tarts, cobblers, mousses and more — resonate with their customers.


Below are his expert predictions for the top two dessert trends of 2013.



Portable Indulgence


More consumers are seeking out fine quality treats when they choose to reward themselves, and they want these treats available “on demand.” Love and Quiches developed its Gourmet Grab & Go® product line to answer this trend - premium quality, delicious snacks in a convenient, completely portable format. Baked from scratch, without artificial preservatives or trans fats, individually wrapped snack bars are offered in several flavors. A Gourmet Grab & Go (refrigerated) Real New York Cheesecake is also available. This fall the company launched its three ounce individually wrapped Rainbow Brownie, combining Love and Quiches’ original, decadent brownie recipe with candy-coated milk chocolate pieces in a rainbow of fun colors.

Healthier Desserts
It’s all Greek to me! One of the hottest dessert trends for the coming year, according to Andy, will be Greek yogurt. Its higher protein content and health-oriented benefits have made it a consumer darling in recent years. Reflecting that health-conscious trend, Love and Quiches is introducing a Greek yogurt cheesecake in 2013, putting a modern twist on its classic New York cheesecake. The new cheesecake will combine Greek yogurt with a hint of vanilla and a cinnamon graham crumb crust.Andy notes that the company is already seeing significant interest from retailers and restaurateurs even though the product has yet to officially “hit the shelves.” 



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