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Diet Soda Sales Fizzle

December 16, 2013 8:00 am | by ABC News | Videos

Many people rely on diet drinks to help them lose weight, but many beverage companies say that diet soda sales are slumping. ABC reports that consumer concern about chemicals and artificial sweeteners may be to blame for dropping diet sales.


How Leinenkugel Found Its Fans

December 13, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN Money | Videos

Jake and Dick Leinenkugel speak to Daniel Roberts, Writer-Reporter for Fortune, about their decision to sell to Miller Brewing Company 25 years ago. The brothers say that their decision to sell gave the beer company the chance to reach a national audience.


Lunch Delivery by Drone

December 12, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN Money | Videos

Two Yelp engineers have created the "Burrito Bomber," a drone designed to bring hungry patrons their lunch. The drone is summoned when diners place an order using a smartphone app. The drone then provides a fly-by delivery based on GPS signal.


Fast Food Goes Upscale

December 11, 2013 8:00 am | by ABC News | Videos

Some big changes are happening at fast-food restaurants that could add a touch of class to your burger. Fast-food giants such as Popeyes and McDonald's are renovating their restaurants and hoping to encourage diners to hang out longer and spend more money.


Calif. Citrus Put on Ice

December 10, 2013 8:00 am | Videos

Citrus workers in California are trying to pick all the fruit that they can, which isn't much because a cold snap has left much of the produce with burn marks. Some producers said that as much as 20-30 percent of their fruit will go to waste.


Vt. Candy Maker Creates 230-Pound Peanut Butter Cup

December 9, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN | Videos

A candy maker in Bennington, Vt., set out to create a record-breaking peanut butter cup. The colossal confection clocked in at nearly 230 pounds. The candy maker used 70 pounds of chocolate and 160 pounds of peanut butter to make the candy.


A 1.5-Ton Gingerbread Village

December 6, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN | Videos

One chef is attempting to set the world record for the largest all-edible gingerbread village. The chef's gingerbread village is 1.5 tons of edible Christmas goodness. The behemoth creation is on display at the New York Hall of Science.


Cranberries: Floating from the Bog to Your Table

December 5, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN Money | Videos

Cranberries are a staple of holiday meals, and the fruit goes through growing and harvesting process. Massachusetts cranberry grower Peter Beaton describes the harvesting process at his cranberry farm, as well as the ins and outs of the Ocean Spray cranberry cooperative.


Consuming Nuts Helps Keep Sickness at Bay

December 4, 2013 8:00 am | by NBC News | Videos

New research suggests that consuming about a handful of nuts per day could be a lifesaver. The study looked at more than 100,000 men and women over a span of 30 years. The more often individuals ate nuts, the lower their death rates were.


Spicy Chips Send Boy to the Doctor

December 3, 2013 8:00 am | by ABC News | Videos

A California boy experienced weeks of stomach pain before telling his mother it was time to see a doctor. The culprit turned out to be a steady diet of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Emergency room doctors say they have been seeing many children with gastritis due to eating spicy chips.


Could Your Breakfast Give You Cancer?

December 2, 2013 8:00 am | by ABC News | Videos

The FDA is warning consumers that some cooking preparation methods may cause cancer. Dr. Richard Besser discusses the details from the warning, which cautions that breakfast foods like burnt toast and dark hash browns have been linked to cancer.


Why You Should Eat Bison

November 27, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN | Videos

Bison meat is lower in cholesterol than beef, hormone-free, steroid-free and antibiotic-free. A corporate chef at Ted's Montana Grill explains why consumers should eat more bison meat, and demonstrates how to prepare a tasty bison burger.


Thanksgiving Dinner for the Turkeys

November 26, 2013 8:00 am | by ABC News | Videos

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, but at one animal sanctuary in California, the turkeys are the ones getting the feast. The sanctuary's annual celebration draws hundreds of spectators and volunteers looking to watch the birds gorge on cranberries, veggies and even pumpkin pie.


Thanksgiving Turkey Shortage

November 25, 2013 8:00 am | by NBC News | Videos

The turkey is often the centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with Americans gobbling up more than 700 million pounds of turkey every last week in November. But this season, Butterball says it has fewer large, fresh birds available for the holiday feast.


Sugar or Fat: What's Worse?

November 22, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN | Videos

Everyone knows that too much fat and too much sugar can be harmful, but which one is worse? A new report claims that eating fatty foods may not be so bad for you after all, and that you should really worry about consuming too much sugar.


Chocolate and Wine Prices May Skyrocket

November 21, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN | Videos

A drought in West Africa is impacting the price of cocoa, while wine production has dropped 5 percent. These factors mean that wine and chocolate lovers may be forced to open their pocket books a bit wider for their favorite desserts and drinks.


McRib Goes Gray Behind the Scenes

November 20, 2013 8:00 am | by NBC News | Videos

The McRib is one of McDonald's most successful limited-time promotions, but diners may not be as interested in lining up for the sandwich after seeing a photo posted on the Web of the McRib patty behind the scenes. The photo depicts a ghostly-gray rectangular patty.


Food Plant Tackles Malnutrition, Unemployment in Haiti

November 19, 2013 8:00 am | by CBS News | Videos

Haiti currently has a 60-percent unemployment rate, but a new food-processing facility is creating jobs in food manufacturing and agriculture in the central plateau area of the country, which has lacked economic opportunity for decades.


New 'Old-Fashioned' Ice Cream

November 18, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN Money | Videos

The Smitten Ice Cream shop, located in San Francisco, Calif., is using a super-cold liquid nitrogen "Brrr" machine to create made-to-order ice cream. Nothing is frozen until the customer orders it, and everything is made from scratch in the shop.


Dogfish Head Founder Spills His Secrets

November 15, 2013 8:00 am | by CNN Money | Videos

Sam Calagione, Founder and President of Dogfish Head brewery, discusses his unique story of starting and growing a thriving  craft-brewing business. Calagione says the fact that his company is "pint-sized" has contributed to its success.



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