PETA Offers Reward For Successful Lab-Grown Meat

Mon, 01/23/2012 - 11:26am
Lindsey Coblentz, Associate Editor, Food Manufacturing

According to the Daily Mail, animal welfare group PETA has offered a $1 million reward to the first scientist who can prove laboratory-grown chicken is viable by 2016. Proponents of lab-grown meat say it would be more environmentally friendly and reduce animal suffering.

To produce such meat, scientists obtain animal muscle cells and incubate them in a protein broth. The cells multiply and create a sticky tissue. The “wasted muscle” is “exercised” using lab equipment to achieve animal muscle ready to be sold, cooked and eaten. Some researchers claim that ten pork muscle cells could produce as many as 50,000 tons of meat in two months.

Photo by Flickr user soyculto


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